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Life Does Not Get Better Than This - Jon Olsson at CMH

Check out his VLOG of the trip

Jon Olsson boarded a plane operated by a crew of friendly Canadians and made his way to CMH Bobby Burns lodge. The early season here in Canada has been going off and Jon hit the storm cycles just right. Loads of snow hit over the Christmas holidays and then the temps dropped and skies cleared.

Jon seems stoked!


WATCH: CMH Heliskiing - Stories of the Deep West

For over 50 years CMH has been sharing the beauty and majesty of the British Columbia backcountry. Their latest feature film - Stories of the Deep West- showcases not only the amazing skiing but the people and stories behind CMH. The skiing, the mountains, the lodges, the managers, guides and guests. It all comes together to make the CMH experience what it is.



WATCH: Jump in and Buckle Up! by Skeena Heliskiing

Is the wild North calling you this season?

Stoked. Joy. Powder. Smiles. Wild. Untamed. Endless. Friends. Family. Skeena. Words to describe the latest video from Skeena Heliskiing - Jump in and Buckle Up! The powder skiing looks incredible, the people look like they are having the best day ever (and they probably are!) and the soundtrack is spot on. Sit back, turn it up and let the wilds of the Skeena North call you...

Salomon Freeski Dreamtrip 2

And what a dream it would be!

For the second year, Mike Douglas and Salomon Freeski chose one lucky skier to join them on an epic adventure up The Powder Highway. This year Tim Loch from Toronto got the call and after some legal and safety advice from his wife, he was off on the trip of a lifetime - The Dreamtrip.

His stops included Revelstoke Mountain Resort, the legendary Stellar Heliskiing, Whitewater Ski Resort, Selkirk Tangiers Heliskiing and the Blanket Creek Lodge. Lots of pow, lots of laughs and lots of smiles.

Enjoy this one.

Above and Beyond - The Full 2017 Teaser from Last Frontier Heliskiing

We're you born for this? Get stoked, watch this video

Sit back, put this on full screen and crank the volume. If this doesn't get you stoked to go heliskiing, I don't know what will!

Located on the edge of Canada in BC's wild and vast North, Last Frontier Heliskiing boasts massive lines, deep snow, endless mountains and top notch Canadian hospitality.


WATCH Perspective - Shot on Location at Stellar Heliskiing

Henrik Windstedt, Dave Treadway and Matilda Rapaport sample some epic Kootenay powder!

The winter of 2016 is one to remember when it comes to skiing in the Kootenays. After a 2015 season that everyone wants to forget, 2016 came back and totally redeemed winter for us! Fortunately, Henrik Windstedt, Dave Treadway and Matilda Rapaport planned a trip to the heart of powder country for a what looks like an epic trip.

The first half of this video features Valhalla Powdercats. One of the staples of the catskiing world here in BC. Using the latest drone tech combined with some beautiful and effortless skiers makes for some mouth watering viewing.

After a few days of endless powder at Valhalla, they moved a little north up the valley to Kaslo BC - home of Stellar Heliskiing. More snow and sun followed them there. You can really get a sense of the skiers appreciation for the mountains and nature in this part of the world.

Henrick, Dave and Matilda put together an amazing video with the Kootenay region as their co-star. Sadly, the world lost Matilda too soon in an avalanche this summer in Chile. She left a hole in the skiing world but has certainly left her mark as one of skiings best. As the film says, she will be forever missed.

Enjoy this featurette. Get stoked and remember that we are here for such a short while. Enjoy it to the fullest.

WATCH: Life Beyond Walls: Golden Days

4 rad girls get a heli drop into the Sunrise Hut near Golden BC

Rachael Burks, Amie Engerbretson, Hadley Hammer and Jess Baker experience what looks to be an epic adventure in the backcountry near Golden BC. After a heli drop into the Sunrise Hut, they are completely off the grid. Freeing them up to immerse themselves in the environment in which they find themselves. 4 rad girls, 4 rad days of powder and eventually some sunshine. Like they say in the video, the mountains are going to do what they are going to do. You have to appreciate the experience.

Enjoy this short film. It's a good one.