Legendary Powder - Stellar Location

Jason from Stellar Heliskiing sends us a teaser from his GoPro collection.

We woke up to this video in our inbox this morning. It is no doubt a late night, powder obsessed creation from Stellar Heli Skiing owner/operator Jason Remple. We can just picture Jason going through all his GoPro footage from last season trying to choose the best footage to get us salivating for some turns in the epic Selkirk and Purcell Mountains of BC. We get the feeling that this is just the first of many pre-season videos from Jason and the crew at Stellar Heliskiing!

We had the pleasure of being guided by Jason last season and had one of the best back country experiences of our lives!

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The Treadway Bros Ripping up Great Canadian Heliskiing

A short film by Jordan Manley

When I saw this video pop up we had to post it. Jordan Manley is a renowned photographer whose photos have graced the pages of major outdoor sports magazines such as Powder and Bike. Now it looks like he is producing some equally sweet videos. This one will definitely make you want to go visit Great Canadian Heliskiing. Nice work Jordan.

Visit Jordan Manley's website here: http://www.jordanmanley.com

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Now you can Heli Ski from Silver Star Resort

Eagle Pass Heliskiing teams up with Silver Star Resort


Eagle Pass Heli-Skiing and Silver Star have joined forces to offer that once in a lifetime experience, right from the resort. Silver Star is the first resort in the interior of BC to offer heli-skiing to to their guests!

Starting for the 2011 – 2012 season, Eagle Pass will have a Bell 212 helicopter stationed at Silver Star allowing guests to pre-plan or take advantage of a last minute opportunity. The 212 will take 10 skiers and 2 professional certified guides from Silver Star’s quaint village to the amazing Gold Range in the Monashee Mountains.

For more information visit Silver Star's website here >>>

The Art of Flight Movie Trailer

A new film from Red Bull Media and Brain Farm Digital Cinema

The Art of Flight from Bancilhon Christophe on Vimeo.

It has been a while since we have been wow'd by a trailer for a snowboard movie. Leave it to Red Bull Media House  and Brain Farm Digital Cinema to bring new life to the style through their new film: The Art of Flight. It looks like this flick will feature ALOT of heliskiing eye candy. It is due to come out in 2011 but that shouldn't stop you from watching the trailer over and over again.

Avalanche Safety – New Technology

Why Northern Escape Heli-Skiings chooses to use Avalanche Flotation Device's (AFD's) at their operation ( source: NEH author: John Forrest )

snow-pulseThe Avalanche Airbag Backpack or Avalanche Flotation Device (AFD) has been around for many years, but only recently have they been incorporated into commercial heli-skiing operations. There are many reasons for this, but one of the single most important is that the Ministry of Transport has only recently approved the cylinders for transport in commercial aircraft, i.e. helicopters.

Recently I was speaking with a renowned engineer that designed the avalanche transceivers we use, the BarryVox Pulse, about the “new” avalanche airbag backpacks or AFD’s and the efficacy of their use in the heliskiing industry. His answer astounded me as he is responsible for designing one of the most sophisticated avalanche transceivers on the market; he said “if I had a choice of wearing only a transceiver or only an AFD, I would choose the AFD”

That’s a very strong statement and I had to think about it for a minute, putting aside my 30+ years of indoctrination with transceivers, before I could see his point. One device, the transceiver, helps you be located if you’re buried in an avalanche and the other, the AFD, decrease your chances of being buried if you’re caught in an avalanche.  

Now, these devices are not infallible and in fact may increase risk in specific situations, but then again so do seatbelts in your car and ski helmets.

Northern Escape Heli-Skiing has been including AFD’s, the Snow Pulse Airbags, as part of their risk management program for two years now and we are very happy with the results. Heliski guests are issued a transceiver and an AFD which also carries a shovel and probe. Each group also carries a handheld radio to communicate with guides and pilots. They receive instruction and practice the use of each prior to skiing/riding with us.

However, even when utilizing the latest in technology, there is still no substitute for avoiding avalanches in the first place.

Powder U at CMH Heliskiing

Curriculum at Powder U will include all the courses any skier could dream of (and probably did) in academia.


The company that invented Heli-Skiing almost 50 years ago, CMH Heli-Skiing is now taking skiers “back to school” with the launch of Powder U @ CMH for the 2011-2012 ski season. Led by “Dean” Roko Koell, UIAGM and Professor of Powder, the curriculum at Powder U will include all the courses any skier could dream of (and probably did) in academia:

New Luxury Basecamp for Eagle Pass Heliskiing

Ultimate Luxury, Ultimate Heliskiing with Eagle Pass and Sparkling Hills Resort

This ultra-luxurious, ultra-exclusive heliski adventure is an all-inclusive package. Eagle Pass Heliskiing has paired with the modern oasis that is Sparkling Hill Resort, and has produced a totally unique and exciting package that is sure to tantalize all of your senses. Private packages are offered in single-day, multi-day and custom durations.

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